Hockey Sticks

Project Details

Making these hockey sticks has been a great synthesis of two passions of mine, fine woodworking and ice hockey.  The idea had been in my head for a long time, and it took quite awhile to develop a system that I could build these w consistency.  As a woodworker the bridle joint that joins the shaft to the blade offered no shortage of complexities to work out.  I think the sculpted nature of it is really cool.  The first generation of the sticks I laminate bent the curved blade, through a lot of trial and error I found that to steam bend the blades was a more effective way to achieve the curve, and I feel more soulful too.  The sticks that you see here are steam bent and hand-shaped.

The design and construction of these sticks is purely for the art of it.  I sell these sticks as such; they are an art piece.  Though I have used a few on the ice, I don’t sell them to be used to play hockey.  Maybe a wall hanging, maybe we could make a lamp or something with three of them.  They are a cool thing and a pleasure to hold in your hand. And have made great gifts for people who love the game.  I typically have these sticks in stock, and like all of my work they can be built to fit you personally.